Pick-Up / Drop-Off Guidelines

Parent Pick-Up/Drop-Off Guidelines

  • Please remember that Coyotes C.A.R.E. when driving.

    • Courteous (do not cut in line or behave unkindly)
    • Alert (no cell phone use in parking lot)
    • Responsible (don’t be late, early, or behave illegally by parking in a no parking zone or along the street)
    • Expeditious (do not leave your car unless parked in a designated space, not the curb)

    To ensure the safe arrival and dismissal of our children, we encourage everyone to share the responsibility of respectfully working together to follow these pick-up and drop off procedures:

Morning Drop-Off

  • Please remember that student drop-off begins at 7:45 in the morning. Students will not be allowed on campus before 7:45 due to lack of supervision.

    Parents/guardians Copper Trails students should use drop-off loop located on Canyon Trails Blvd. Please pull all the way into the parking lot before letting passengers out of the vehicle; this allows the maximum number of vehicles access to the curb adjacent to the school; this is the safest place to drop-off your child.  Letting children out before entering the drive is unsafe and causes traffic to back up on Garfield Street.

    The safest place for your child to exit your vehicle is the passenger side. The parking lot is wide enough for cars to pass each other without creating a dangerous situation for pedestrians in the loop.

    An adult is on the sidewalk adjacent to the parking lot to greet your child and supervise their transition into the school, eliminating the need to get out of your car.

Afternoon Pick-Up

  • Students will be accompanied by their teachers and released to their parents/guardians during pickup. Please remain in your vehicles and in line according to the order in which they arrive. Avoid cutting in front of others who have been waiting patiently to pick up their children.

    Please do not park or exit your vehicle when in the parking lot.  Parking prevents the lot from being used safely and reduces the number of cars that can use the lot.

    If the lot is full, please park in the main parking lot or in designated parking spots.  Do not block lanes of travel on Canyon Trails Blvd.

Other Guidelines

  • Please abide by the traffic laws and signs posted on Canyon Trails Blvd.

    Please pull all the way forward in lot before letting your children out of your car in order to ensure that traffic does not build up onto Canyon Trails Blvd.

    Under no circumstances are you to park and wait in the designated handicapped parking spaces. Only drivers displaying the handicapped insignia are to park in those spots.
    Again, our goal is to provide a safe and efficient method of dropping off and picking up students at Copper Trails.  We appreciate your cooperation! Safety is our # 1 concern!

    If there are questions, concerns and/or observations you would like to share regarding drop-off and pick-up, please forward your feedback to sellis@avondale.k12.az.us.