Volunteer Information

  • We are delighted to invite you to become a Copper Trails School volunteer. Our students, teachers, and administrators greatly appreciate the work volunteers do throughout the school. The safety of our students is of great concern to us.

    To ensure school safety, we have chosen to take significant precautions to protect our students:

    • All parent and community volunteers must be approved to volunteer prior to working on campus or attending a field trip. 
    • All Copper Trails School volunteers must be a parent or legal guardian or hold a finger print clearance card. 
    • All Copper Trails School volunteers must be 21 years of age or older.
      • The only exception is if the parent or legal guardian is below the age of 21. 
    • All volunteers must view the volunteer presentation, submit a new Volunteer Application Packet and sign a Volunteer Service Agreement each school year.
    • Legal identification must be kept on file with the volunteer form. 
    • Volunteers must also wear visitors identification badge at all times while on campus or while attending school functions such as field trips.
    • School visitors do not have to complete the form unless they plan on visiting on a consistent basis.
      • Visitors must also show identification upon arrival and wear a visitors sticker. 

    Please remember to complete the Volunteer Application and sign the Volunteer Service Agreement and turn both items into the front office your your child's homeroom teacher.