• Learning Labs


  • AESD schools will be offering Learning Labs for students who require an on-campus workspace. These workspace opportunities will be available during regular  school hours and will continue until in-person instruction is available. Reservations are required and need to be updated by Thursday each week to allow time for staffing and planning. Due to spacing and staffing, student walk-ins cannot be accommodated. Families will be responsible for their own transportation, as buses are not available. 

    In an effort to ensure understanding of the Learning Labs, we want to be clear that this is not instruction, it is supervision for children as they participate in their remote learning. All school behavioral expectations will be in effect during learning labs.


    Please read the following information carefully and share the expectations with your child(ren) prior to sending.

    1. Students will be provided a workspace in the cafeteria - or TBD where they will be supervised by staff while attending their remote classes with their teachers. Students will not be permitted to leave their workspace during the school day.
    2. Students will need to ask for assistance from their teachers while in their remote classrooms and receive additional support from the remote small group instructions and interventions.
    3. The hours of supervision are specific at each campus. Please contact your school office for dettails.  
    4. Masks are required at all times.
    5. Students will need to bring their charged Chromebook/ipad, chargers, and headphones/earbuds with them every day in order to log into their remote classrooms.  
    6. Students not logged in and engaged in class or being disruptive will have parents contacted by administrators and may need to be picked up.
    7. Students will be able to purchase breakfast and lunch. (Free/reduced priced meals are available for eligible students)  Students may also bring their own sack lunch. Students will eat at their workspace.
    8. Students need to bring a water bottle.  No outside drinks such as QT, McDonald’s, Dutch Bros, Starbucks, etc. will be allowed. 
    9. The student uniform dress code will be enforced. 
    10. There will be very limited interaction amongst students. Talking will be limited to their remote classes so students can focus on their academics without excessive noise – similar to a library environment.
    11. Cell phones are not permitted during the school day. Parents who need to contact their student should call the front office.
    12. Please call the attendance line if your child will be absent.