• Benchmarks for Reopening AESD

Requirements for In-Person Instruction

  • On November 18th,

    AESD Governing Board approved the metrics to be used in the event of transitioning to virtual learning. These include the top two metrics (cases per 100,000 and percent positively) for AESD boundaries to be in the red concurrently for two consecutive weeks.  

    In the event of a transition to virtual instruction occurs, the consideration of metrics to return back to in-person learning will be determined at an upcoming Governing Board Meeting. In all cases, our ACE Department preschool and before an aftercare will remain open and operational.


Current Benchmark Data for AESD

  • February 4, 2021

    All students remain in remote learning.

    AESD Governing Board approved a return to an in-person plan.

    Our district recommended to the Board the Monday after Spring break to welcome back the students who attended in person in the 2nd quarter. (Similar to the 2nd quarter, we will maintain the numbers of in-person students based on the capacity of our rooms). 

    The only variance for the restart date of in-person instruction will be if the top two metrics shift to yellow for two consecutive weeks prior to that date. It is crucial that you monitor your emails in the weeks prior to Spring Break as we share our metrics.

  • *Data as of February 25, 2021


    For information on finding our metrics from Maricopa County Health, click here


COVID-19 cases at AESD

  • Updated Feb. 26, 2021


AESD's Plans:

  • We will begin remote learning - with ALL in-person students returning to distance flex next Monday, December 14, 2020. 

    ALL AESD students will remain in remote learning upon returning from Winter Break. As you are aware, AESD has not established reopening guidelines to return to in person learning. We will address this in a governing board work session after the winter break.


    Information for in-person students:

    If your student currently is in the in-person model, your site administrators will be sending emails with information about schedules. A survey relative to learning labs has been sent from your school site administration or teacher. If you are in need of learning labs and haven’t signed up, please ensure you get in touch with your school site ASAP.


    Information about learning labs:

    Beginning December 14th, AESD schools will be offering learning labs for students who require an on-campus workspace. These workspace opportunities will be available during regular  school hours and will continue until in person instruction is available. Reservations are required and need to be updated by Thursday each week to allow time for staffing and planning. Due to spacing and staffing, student walk-ins cannot be accommodated. Families will be responsible for their own transportation, as buses are not available. 

    In an effort to ensure understanding of the learning labs, we want to be clear that this is not instruction, it is supervision for children as they participate in their remote learning.


    Grab-and-go meals:

    Grab-and-go meals for breakfast and lunch will continue to be provided for all children 0-18 years old. Please visit our food nutrition website here for information about placing your order online. 

    Grab-and-go meals are now by pre-order only. All pre orders will need to be placed by noon every Thursday for pick up the following Monday - you will receive the 5-day bundle.

    Meal pick-up time for all pre orders will be Mondays 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM at the school site you select. Visit the website for complete details. 

    *Due to our immediate transition to virtual, we will continue to serve remote meals daily next week between 11:00 am and 12:30 pm. No food will be distributed during the winter break. 


    Information for distance flex students:

    There should be little change with the instructional model for district flex students. There may be a slight change in schedule, so please keep an eye out for communication from your teachers/administration.  All of the in-person students will be returned to remote and participate virtually. Peer groups and teachers will remain the same with little to no disruption to learning. Please ensure students are signing in and participating in the full day.


    Information for digital academy students:

    There should be no change in the delivery model. Students in this model will continue with the processes already in place.


    ACE Department

    Before and aftercare and ACE preschool will continue as usual during virtual learning.



    Reminders for our community

    Navigating through a worldwide pandemic is a community effort. We all have to do our part in ensuring that we keep each other safe and healthy. Please remember to use a face mask in public, social distance and monitor yourself if you come across any COVID-related symptoms. If you are sick, please stay home. 

    As well, It is important to remember that we want to ensure a true picture of our community is reflected in the testing data. This means that it is important to have community members (adults and children) who are not symptomatic get tested regularly. Copper Trails is still offering free drive though testing. Additional resources are available and can be found here.

    When celebrating the holidays, it is incumbent on all of us to keep mitigation strategies in mind. It is each of our responsibility to keep our own and AESD families safe.  As well, throughout the  holiday break, please continue to monitor your health and report any changes upon your return to campuses. If there is any concern of exposure over break, please take every precaution and do not send students to school until certain there is no possibility of transmission.




  • AESD will monitor the data as it is released on Thursdays. The data will be posted on our website weekly.

Benchmark Thresholds

  •  Benchmarks 1


    AESD is following the metrics and benchmark established by the Maricopa County Department of Public Health

    • Benchmark thresholds need to be met before in-person instruction (transition to Hybrid- families who selected in-person will return and distance flex will remain online)
      • Cases: Two consecutive weeks with new case rates below 100 per 100,000 people
      • Test percent positivity: Two consecutive weeks of <7% positivity
      • COVID-like illnesses percentage in the hospital: Two consecutive weeks with percent of hospital visits showing symptoms of COVID-like symptoms below 10%