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Welcome to Michael Anderson

  • Michael Anderson School is a kindergarten through 8th grade campus, located in Avondale, Arizona. As a school, we are proud to perform above average on AzMERIT labels. We offer numerous extracurricular activities like art, dance, piano and interscholastic sports.

    We are the namesake of Lt. Col. Michael Anderson, NASA Astronaut who perished on the the Space Shuttle Columbia upon its re-entry. Lt. Col. Michael Anderson lived in Avondale and attended 3rd grade at Avondale Elementary School (now Michael Anderson School).

    Michael Anderson

Mission Statement

  • At Michael Anderson, we believe that all children are capable of success without limits!

Vision Statement

  • Our commitment is to cultivate life long learners for the challenges of tomorrow by inspiring, motivating and empowering all students to become thinkers, communicators and problem solvers


  • Dream Big! Work Hard!

  • Best of the Best