Notifying families in the event of a positive COVID case

Posted by Avondale ESD on 10/16/2020

As we shift into our new model, we want to ensure each of you know we will continue with our mitigation strategies to minimize risks and will keep our AESD community up-to-date on practices.


The health and safety of our entire community is our first priority. As the pandemic continues to impact us, we want to share with you the steps that will be taken when a confirmed positive COVID case is reported in a facility. 


In the case of  a confirmed positive COVID case, the affected class cohort of children and staff will be notified via bright yellow paper in the backpacks of the classroom where the case has been confirmed. 


In the event that there are two or more confirmed positive cases that are defined as unrelated in the facility, the entire site will be notified. Please see below the explanation of this scenario. In this case, a notice will be on neon green in the backpacks of all students. If the following three do not apply, only the class cohort will be notified. 

Two or more students or staff who have tested positive for COVID-19 within a 14-day period; and

  • Could have had some close contact such as in a classroom or on a school sports team;
  • Do not live in the same household; and
  • Were not identified as close contacts of each other in another setting during a public health case investigation (e.g. friends who play together in each other’s homes).


In both cases, a text message will be sent to parents to check your child’s backpack.


Further, we want to reassure our commitment to our sanitizing protocols to further support the health and wellness of our community. Please reference our mitigation strategies that detail our daily protocols for sanitizing all areas.