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Frequently Asked Questions

ACE Frequently Asked Questions

  • Completion of a registration/contract request does not guarantee placement in the program; all registrations are pending until approved by program administration. Upon approval, you will receive a confirmation email and a Registration Fee plus First Month Payment will be charged to the payment method provided.

  • We have provided maps for each school site depicting the drop off and pick up location.  You can access these maps from the ACE website page.

  • We understand there may be circumstances that prevent you from picking your child up on time, however, if you are past dismissal time you will be required to pay a flat fee of $15 plus $1 per minute late. Excessive late pick-up can result in withdrawal from the Preschool program.

  • All payments are due in advance of service and are due by the first school day of every month, August through May. Payments can be made electronically within the Eleyo platform. In addition, payment can be made by personal check, cashier’s check or money order and should be made payable to Avondale Elementary School District. Payment can be:

    1. Dropped off to A.C.E. Site Manager at your school site.
    2. Dropped off to School Site Main Office.
    3. Dropped off or mailed to the Avondale Elementary School District Administration Office. Please make sure to include your student’s school and name/information: AESD Community Education Department 295 West Western Avenue Avondale, AZ 85323
  • Monthly Fees are based on an annual enrollment and days off are factored into the price 

  • All students in Pre-Kindergarten through eighth grade who attend the district schools are expected to dress in the proper standard school attire. It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure compliance with the dress code. 

  • Children in a school day, full day or extended full day program are required to rest each day. A blanket/beach towel labeled in permanent ink with your child’s name needs to be brought to school. Blankets/towels will be sent home to be laundered weekly. Blankets/towels need to be promptly returned. 

  • It is extremely helpful when you can administer medication before or after school hours. We are aware that there may be times when your child needs medication during the program. The instructor/coordinator or designee will administer prescribed and over-the counter medications during those times, when the proper medication authorization form is completed and turned in. Prescribed medications must be in a child proof original container, labeled by a pharmacist with your child’s first and last name, date prescription was filled, doctor’s name, expiration date. Over-the-counter medications require you to provide a note from your child’s health care provider recommending the medication, dosage, times, method of use and administration duration. The medication needs to be in a childproof container.  At no time should a child carry any medication on them, in their lunch box or backpack. Always hand your child’s medication to a staff member on duty.