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Meal Charge Policy

Meal Charge Policy

Meal Charge Procedures / Alternate Meal Procedures

Students with delinquent accounts will be offered a courtesy meal of a cheese sandwich, milk, fruit and vegetable/garden bar until the balance is brought current. 

Students without sufficient funds to cover the price of a meal will be allowed to charge an amount equal to the price of two lunch meals based on student meal eligibility. The allowable charges are as follows:

If a student has reached the maximum charge or the pending purchase would cause the student to exceed the maximum charge, a courtesy meal will be provided.  Students will never be denied nutrition due to a lack of money.

  • Reduced-price students $0.80 maximum charge
  • Full-paid students $5.00 maximum charge
  • Adults and visitors may not charge meals
  • Students may not charge a la carte items

Courtesy Meals

All courtesy meals meet the current USDA regulations.

Students will continue to receive a courtesy meal until account charges have been brought current.  No charges will be allowed to any lunch account during the last 10 operating days of school and all negative balances must be paid in full.

  • Breakfast Courtesy Meal: cereal, graham cracker, milk and fruit.
  • Lunch Courtesy Meal: cheese sandwich on whole grain bread, milk, fruit and vegetable of the day

Student Eligibility

If a student’s meal eligibility status changes to free at any point during the year, negative balances from prior charges will remain on the account.  A student with free meal eligibility will not receive the courtesy meal even with a negative account balance however; the parent/guardian will still remain responsible to pay for charges incurred prior to the notification of the free meal status.

Each cafeteria will print weekly payment reminder slips for students with negative account balances.  These payment reminder slips will be sent home with students via the classroom teacher.

It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to monitor and maintain their student’s meal account balance.  Meal account balances can be monitored free of charge by creating an online account on LINQ Connect. Parents/guardians can elect to receive email notification of low account balances or payment reminders.