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Food Service FAQs

Food Service FAQs

  • All foods offered in our school food program meet strict standards established by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) for child nutrition. Many of the products we use are name-brand, high quality foods from companies you know and trust such as Tyson, Kelloggs and General Mills - just to name a few.

    Students are offered:

    • A choice of entrees
    • Garden bar
    • 100% juice selections
    • Low-fat white milk/fat-free flavored milk
    • Whole grain foods
    • Protein-rich foods
    • Lower-sodium foods
    • Foods low in saturated fat
    • No Trans-Fat
  • Menus are carefully created to meet the nutritional standards and meal pattern established by the USDA.  The nutritional value of each product used, from entrée to condiments, must be included in a nutrient analysis.  Each product must meet USDA requirements, not only on its own, but also in combination with all other food items offered for the week.  This ensures that targets for sodium, fat and calories are being met along with mandated offerings of fruit and vegetables including each vegetable subgroup.  Approximately 40 hours of behind the scenes work goes into creating menu offerings.  

  • Occasionally products may not be delivered as scheduled from our vendors.  In these cases, a like item is substituted for the menu item.

  • Lunch menus can be accessed online. Printed copies are distributed among the younger grades at each school site and are also available in each school office and in each cafeteria.

    View lunch menus

  • Meal components and serving sizes are regulated by the USDA.  While we are unable to offer larger portions or second servings, a garden bar is available at each school site.  Students are encouraged to take as many fresh fruits and vegetables as they will eat.  Encourage your child to eat more fruits and vegetables.

  • Students are allowed to charge up to the equivalent of two meals to a lunch account.  (Currently $5.00 for paid and .80 for reduced).  If a student has already charged two meals and does not have money on his or her account, they will receive a courtesy meal (please see below).  It is important to keep in mind that breakfast also counts as a meal.  All charges will be suspended during the month of May to allow time to reconcile accounts prior to the end of school.  No charges are allowed for a la carte items.

  • No.  Adults are required to pay for their meals at the time of service.  Adults may pay with cash or deposit funds to a lunch account.  To set up an adult lunch account, please call 623-772-5023.  Once a pin number has been established, deposits can be made in person at the cafeteria or by setting up an electronic account at LINQ Connect.

  • Low balance and/or negative balance reminder slips are sent home weekly with students.  Account balances may be monitored at any time by logging into the LINQ Connect website and creating an electronic account for your student.   Creating and monitoring an account is free and you can select to have a low balance reminder emailed to you from the Titan system.

  • Deposits to your child’s lunch account may be made via cash or check at each school cafeteria.  Debit or credit card payments are only accepted online at the LINQ Connect website, a convenience fee is charged for each deposit.  

  • What if I can’t afford to give my child lunch money?

    The Avondale Elementary School District recognizes that some families may have difficulties paying the full price for their child's meals.  As a participant in the National School Breakfast and Lunch Program, students may qualify for meal assistance.  Application forms are available at each school office and cafeteria or access forms online.  The parent/guardian is responsible for payment of the student's meals until the application has been approved.  An additional application can be submitted at any time during the school year if your financial status changes.   A new application must be completed each school year (Per USDA regulations, applications for the new school year may not be distributed until after July 1st of each year).

  • What you need to register:

    • Email address
    • The name of your school district
    • Your student’s school ID number
    • Visit the LINQ Connect website to get started and follow the online instructions.
    • If you need further assistance creating an online account, please call Titan directly at (916) 467-4700 (option 2).
  • To ensure that all students have a healthy meal and no student goes hungry, we offer an alternative meal to those students who owe more than the allowable charge on their lunch account.  The alternative meal consists of a cheese sandwich, fruit, vegetable and milk and meets all of the nutrition requirements established by the USDA for school lunch.  Students will receive the alternative meal until charges to their lunch account have been brought current.

  • No.  Local health code mandates that foods served in the classroom must be produced in a licensed facility.  You can however, bring store-bought food items to share.