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Are You Thinking About Retirement?

The Arizona State Retirement System logo.

Thank you for your dedication to education and to Avondale ESD!  As you begin to plan your road to retirement, please review this information and schedule an appointment with Bianca Perdomo, Human Resources Benefits Administrator by or calling 623-772-5010.


Let us help you make your Retirement Journey smooth! There are a few things to review and tasks to complete prior to retirement:

    1. Are you considered an early retiree or have you reached normal retirement (80 points)?
    2. Please contact ASRS to verify your retirement eligibility date at (602)240-2000, Monday through Wednesday from 8 AM to 5 PM, except for holidays, Thursday and Friday from 8 AM to 4 PM, except for holidays.
  • Determine the date you will officially retire from Avondale ESD.

    1. If you are 55 years of age and over and have over $2,500 in Undesignated Leave, you will need to schedule an appointment with Mac McCarty with Precision (PRIME Plan) for a consultation to see if a HRA or a 403b plan is best for you. Mac can be reached by emailing, by calling 480-351-3259, or schedule an appointment with Mac McCarty.
    2. If you are under the age of 55 and have at least 10 years of continuous service, your Undesignated Leave will be paid out at the daily entry level rate: certificated employees is paid at a substitute teacher daily rate, and support staff is paid at the entry level rate.
    3. Please email Noemi McWilliams in the payroll department for an estimated amount of your Undesignated Leave.
    1. Educational Services Inc (ESI) will allow for you to receive your ASRS retirement pension while you receive supplemental pay. There are two choices:
      1. You can become a substitute teacher
      2. You can continue in your current position and receive 80% of your contract amount
      3. Please speak to your supervisor if you are interested in ESI, supervisor approval is needed
    1. If you are 65 or older, please contact Shasta J. Vargas. Shasta has partnered with AESD and is our Medicare professional and can answer all of your medicare questions. Shasta can be reached by emailing or (623) 428 - 9958.
    2. Once separated from AESD you will be eligible for 18 months of COBRA .
    3. ASRS offers medical benefits to eligible employees. For more information, please visit ASRS Healthcare Information.
    4. ESI offers medical benefits to eligible employees. For more information, please visit ESI Healthcare Information