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Private School and Home School Parents

Private School and Home School Parents

Dear Parents and Educators,  

Does your child attend a private or home school program?

Do you suspect your child may have a disability or do they already have an IEP?

Avondale Elementary School District (AESD) provides free screenings for children suspected of having a disability who live within the Avondale ESD boundaries.  Please call our Exceptional Student Services department at 623-772-5026 to find out more about the Child Find process and possibly schedule a screening for your child.

Avondale Elementary School District also provides speech and language services to eligible students who attend private schools or home school programs through proportionate share service plans. To find out more and possibly develop a plan for your child, contact your neighborhood school today!

Please free to reach out to the Exceptional Student Services Department at any time with any questions you may have!