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Facility Rentals

Facility Rentals/Reservations

Welcome to our Facility Rentals web page. We are pleased you have chosen our facilities for prospective use. Avondale Elementary School District facilities are available for members of the community or businesses to rent, including classrooms, conference rooms, cafeterias, gymnasiums, fields, basketball courts, and more.  

Pursuant to the Arizona Revised Statute (A.R.S.) Section 15-1105 et seq., District-owned facilities may be made available for public use. The Governing Board has adopted the spirit and intent of this public law in making the District facilities available to the public. However, the District cannot subject itself or its residents to liability not otherwise assumed in the normal course of operations.

Facility use is scheduled through the District’s Operations Department. Reservations will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis and will open for initial bookings on a semi-annual basis (July-December and January through June).

Reservation Requests

Reservation requests are now being accepted for the first half of School Year 2024-2025 (July 1, 2024 – December 19, 2024).  

Rental rates and terms can be found in the Facility Use and Rental Manual.  Please be sure to read, sign and email a copy of the rental agreement found within the Facility Use and Rental Manual along with a copy of current liability insurance.  These documents must be on file before any request will be processed.

Renters must be in good standing with the district and must not have any unpaid account balances in order to submit a reservation request.


In accordance with Governing Board Policy, all reservations must be pre-paid.  Payment for reservations must be received by the district in full, prior to the first day of the month in which the event/s are scheduled.   Payment for events scheduled during any current month are due at the time of approval by the district.  Payments not received prior to the first of each month or at the time of approval (for the current month), will result in the cancellation of all upcoming reservations. 


Fees for any event that has been pre-paid will be refunded provided that the district has been notified of cancellation in writing (email) a minimum of two (2) business days in advance of the scheduled event.  Fees for cancellation due to inclement weather (at the event site) or cancellation due to the needs of the district will be refunded without requiring a two-day advance notice.

Reservation Platform

Events may be self-scheduled using our new reservation platform.

Once a renter has signed the facilities use agreement found on the district website, a user group will be assigned and the renter will receive a Welcome email from FMX with sign-on information.  Users will be prompted to complete a brief user profile prior to entering a reservation request.

Using the filters provided, facility availability may by searched by location (specific school site) or type of space required (gym, field, classroom, etc.).  These functions will allow the user to search for all spaces of the same type across multiple locations at once.  Reservations may be made for one-time events, recurring events (with the same days and times each week) or custom to allow for booking entire seasons by simply clicking on each calendar day needed.


Submitting a reservation request does not mean your event is “approved”.  You will receive email confirmation through FMX once the reservation has been approved. 


If you have additional questions, please email

Facility Use and Rental Manual