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Override Information

Override Information

Overrides are voter-approved initiatives that generate additional tax revenue to fund day-to-day operations for local school districts, above and beyond what the state provides.  There are two types of overrides:

  • A maintenance and operations override (M&O) supports things such as teacher salaries, benefits, supplies, and general operations.
  • A district additional assistance (DAA) override funds equipment, furniture, technology, vehicles, textbooks, etc.

School districts may ask for an increase of up to 15% of their budget for their M&O override and up to 10% for a DAA override.  Overrides are approved for a term of seven years, and many school districts will ask voters to approve a renewal in year four or five of an override to maintain a consistent level of funding.  If not renewed, the amount decreases by one-third in the sixth year and two-thirds in the seventh year for a M&O override. The DAA override is eliminated after the seventh year if not renewed by voters.

Maintenance & Operations (M&O) Override

Voters last passed a M&O override in November of 2020 and helps fund programs for students including:

  • Maintaining and/or reducing current class size
  • Maintaining full-day kindergarten program
  • Retaining and attracting the highest qualified educators in the profession
  • Ensuring the continuation of special area classes like PE, technology, art, music, and band
  • Maintaining student transportation services at current radius standards
  • Sustaining funding for special needs students
  • Continuing funding for school nurses
  • Maintaining positions for social workers, counselors, and psychologists working with academically and socially at-risk students

District Additional Assistance Override (DAA)

Voters last approved a DAA override in November of 2019 and it helps fund items like:

  • Renovating, improving, and constructing school facilities including safety and security infrastructure
  • Purchasing equipment furniture, fixtures, digital curriculum hardware and software, classroom and instructional materials, and student devices
  • Purchasing student transportation vehicles